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Drive sanitisation and data destruction services for laptops, notebooks, ultrabooks, desktop PC’s and external devices is offered by CSSI. All services are provided in our secure labs using current and continually updated data clearing standards. With every new operative system, update or file system, new processes need to be followed to guarantee complete data destruction and CSSI is up to the minute and a specialist in this field, successfully clearing and sanitising devices for almost 20 years.

CSSI pioneered technology has a total of 9 unique data clearing algorithms, from the most popular used being the NAVSO-DOD 5220.22M standards (US Department of Defence). CSSI upon request, has the technology and algorithms for UK, Germany or Russian government standards, and several unique patent sanitisation algorithms. Buy back service for all old tape devices is also offered by CSSI, with rebates of up to 20% on the investment price of your new unit. CSSI sells and services the following tape drives: HP, DELL, Quantum, IBM, Exabyte, Sun Microsystems, Seagate, Overland Data, Tanberg and StorageTek.

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Need an urgent repair or service? Once performed, CSSI will do a quality / integrity certification test on every cleared device. Upon completion CSSI will offer any necessary certificates and your device is good for reuse or resale.

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Our certified labs, clean rooms and technical expertise of over 20 years in the industry will guarantee you the highest chance of a successful recovery.