Digital Forensics
eDiscovery services


Digital forensics is a unique service offered by CSSi for the analysis and review of data files and records to compile a case of evidence or confirm or disprove events that may have occurred on a digital device.


With one of our founders of the company being the Head of the Data Recovery and Digital Forensics SIG in South Africa, and having performed local and international cases for the past 15+ years, CSSI is your choice of partner. From analyzing, mobile phones, laptops, PC’s and host of digital devices, our company can provide you with a comprehensive report validating and confirming independently the events or activities of any user.


The process followed by CSSi, involves the device acquisition (known as ‘device seizure’, copy of the source storage devices), this can be done discreetly. The actual forensics process involved imaging, analysis, plotting time lines, and validating with concrete evidence any scope of events that needs to be confirmed. Due to the complexity, most forensics require around 7 to 14 days to complete, with complex cases that may require additional time, or priority service.

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