Data Recovery and Digital Forensics

CSSi provides low-level data recovery, discovery and data extraction from Hard Drives, RAIDs, PCs, notebooks, tablets and cell phones.

CSSi Online Shop

The place to shop to get all your IT and Data Storage devices. Not only do we offer you great pricing but have a best price guarantee when it comes to any of the products we sell and we deliver across Africa. From end-user drives to enterprise servers, we stock around 4,000 unique items. Find great deals on external SSDs, USB storage, memory modules and many first-to-market products. CSSi distributes over 22 different global vendor' products in Africa. We also stock full range of NAS, DAS and SAN arrays.

Tape Drives Sales and Services

CSSI been selling for over 20 years DAT, DLT, AIT drives. Today primarily sales is on the LTO range. CSSI is selling these drives to corporate and resellers across Africa and caters for support and distribution of the latest LTO-8 / LTO-9 technology. CSSI also services legacy MO devices, S/DLT, LTO, and DAT drives with certified tape repair centres. Additional services of extended warranty and maintenance are offered. We also have the ability to perform data recovery on DLT, DAT and LTO tape media, and even from damaged media, including migration projects.

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