At CSSi, we’ve recently signed a distribution agreement with QNAP, solidifying our position as one of South Africa’s premier distributors. Currently, we’re listed on QNAP’s website as one of only three recognised distributors in the region. 

This significant milestone marks a moment of pride for us. Why should you be excited about this partnership? Let’s dive into the details.

Empowering Enterprises with QNAP

QNAP’s offerings are characterised by their versatility, enabling businesses to efficiently manage data and applications and enhancing operational efficiency and data governance. 

Designed to meet the demands of modern enterprises, QNAP NAS devices offer a wide spectrum of functionalities. These encompass secure file storage and sharing, robust data backup and recovery capabilities, multimedia streaming, and support for virtualization. 

This makes them highly adaptable to various business sectors, including security companies with camera surveillance requirements, enterprise-level organisations, media and creative agencies, remote and hybrid workforces, and research and education institutes.

A Powerful Pair: QNAP and Nakivo

Pairing a QNAP NAS system with Nakivo unlocks a comprehensive data management solution that goes far beyond storage capabilities. At CSSi, our bundled offering is designed to deliver a seamless and highly efficient data management experience, offering rapid backup and recovery while significantly reducing your standard backup storage requirements. In addition, it protects data against the ever-present threat of ransomware.

In today’s world, businesses are constantly striving to trim IT overheads. However, they often grapple with challenges such as exorbitant backup licensing costs, storage space limitations, and the constraints of network bandwidth. 

These stumbling blocks are precisely where Nakivo takes centre stage, effectively transforming your QNAP NAS into an all-encompassing 5-in-1 backup appliance. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Storage Space Reduction: Efficient data compression, global deduplication, and the exclusion of swap files significantly reduce storage space requirements.
  • Higher Backup Efficiency: Incremental backups, network acceleration, and variable data transfer modes speed up backups up to two times.
  • Instant Data Recovery: Enjoy quick recovery options for full VMs, files, or folders directly from compressed and deduplicated backups.
  • Lower TCO and Faster ROI: Our agentless solution runs without extra VMs or hosts, resulting in up to x4 licensing and maintenance cost savings.

Expert Advice That Protects Your Data & Boosts Your Bottom Line

With our official partnership and large shipment of QNAP NAS products available at discounted prices starting from 1 December 2023, now is the perfect time to elevate your storage and data management capabilities. 

But that’s not all—we’re also excited to offer space in our cutting-edge Generation 2, Category 5 Data Centre for resellers seeking off-site storage solutions to complement their NAS offerings. 

If you’re in search of NAS devices for your clients, we have the expertise to guide you to the perfect fit. Uncertain about your clients’ requirements? Get in touch with us today for a tailor-made solution that meets their exact specifications.




Our certified labs, clean rooms and technical expertise of over 20 years in the industry will guarantee you the highest chance of a successful recovery.


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