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Data Recovery

As a Data Recovery pioneer and developer of award winning sophisticated
hardware and software technology, CSSI is a leading provider of
DR and Digital Forensic Services.

Benefits of using us as your Forensic Recovery Specialists.

92% Success
ISO-4, Class 10
Clean Rooms
No Recovery
No Charge
24 Hour
20+ Years

More about Data Recoveries!

CSSI Data Recovery lab has the only CLASS 4 (ISO 14644) Level clean room capable of performing recovery on all forms of Helium and Standard Hard drives, including all makes and models of Solid State Drives (SSD’s) on the African continent.  Such facilities sample the quality of the air and gases every second to maintain the highest chance of a full and successful recovery for each and every one of our clients both local and global.

Our Data Recovery labs operate 24 hours a day, and we have facilities and labs in 5 countries and a combined experience count of over 53,000 successful recoveries in the past 17 years.  Our engineers comprise or software level engineers, mechanical technical experts, and firmware coders, along with decryption specialists.

Today, data is priceless and are core vital and important assets of enterprises and individuals.  With the sophistication of technology, drives, and solid state chips, most recovery attempts have only one chance to recover the data successfully.  Make sure you entrust the company that has built a reputation on trust and success.  A motto of No recovery – No Charge which was a slogan invented and engineered by CSSI.

Most DLE (Data Loss Events are caused by mechanical failure, virus Attack, back-up failure, electrical or static discharges, hard disk drive Crashes, system failure, Malware, Crypto-ware, Ransomware, Nature Disasters and most commonly human error.  CSSI understands that recovering data as fast as possible with all the technology and resources available to it, allows us to offer you a competitive recovery quote and to allow you to get your data back as fast as possible.

Over the years, and large investments in R&D and development offices around the world, CSSI has an overwhelming experience skilled team, state-of-the-art tools and with our deep knowledge can provide the fastest and finest recovery results.  In most cases, full recovery is possible from even the most damaged drives.

Our online and remote recovery support offering is also available to partners and customers in some cases.  Online, you may also monitor and keep progress of your job status that allows you to contact an engineer and monitor the progress of your recovery around the clock.  CSSI provides a priority service option should you require a round the clock support to recover your data.

Our recovery capability evolves?

Hard disk data recovery - an audited recovery success of 93% and over.

Emergency data recovery – Priority 24 hour around the close service.

Mobile phone data recovery – All Apple and Android devices.

Solid State Drives – sophisticated chip and data extraction systems, even from electrically damaged SSD’s.

USB flash drive data recovery – All forms of flash media and chips can be recovered.

Apple iPhone Passcode/PIN Removal.

RAID array data recovery – a pioneer in the field of recovery from even multiple failed drives in a RAID system. Winner of technological awards for RAID technology recovery techniques.

Memory card data recovery – Data and photographic, including PLC and component systems.

Mobile Phone Spyware & Virus Detection – Including digital forensics.

How Forensic Data Recovery works?

Fault Analysis

We do a complete fault and error analysis of the drive.

Recovery & Reporting

We recover the lost or missing data and give a full report.

Get Your Data Back

We deliver your data back to you!

For more urgent requests, please contact our head DR engineer, Johannesburg on 082 413 3525, Durban on 076 093 6304 or Cape Town on 082 733 6321.