Data Recovery

Data recovery is a unique service offered by CSSi for the analysis and review of data files and records, and when needed recover all overwritten or deleted data. Our experts have been working in CSSi for over a decade and considered global experts.

CSSi has some great labs, technology, and the latest ISO rated cleanroom. This technology, with our team of experts, will guarantee you the highest chance of successful data recovery.

Data loss can be stressful. If you have lost information, your records vanished, or you cannot detect your hard drive or server, we here 24 hours a day to assist.

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Why CSSi?

Pioneered and patented own technology, with R&D centre for software or hardware developed by us, ISO Class-4 (Level 10) clean room lab – you have the best chance of a full recovery with CSSI

How experienced is CSSi?

Over 52,000+ successful recoveries in the past 20 years, consistent recovery rates of full recovery in 90% of all cases and a team of international technicians and engineers who have manufacturing and experience from the major manufacturers. Our cleanroom labs coupled with the specialists at our company is why CSSI has won numerous accolades and considered one of the best in the world.

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Our certified labs, clean rooms and technical expertise of over 20 years in the industry will guarantee you the highest chance of a successful recovery.