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CSSI offers services in both the Tape Drive and the Hard Drive category. We have the ability to repair, re-manufacture and re-certify any tape drive or hard drive. We service all makes and models of tape drives (from AIT to DLT to DAT to Travan) by manufacturers such as Quantum, Seagate, and HP.

We aim to have your data back to you as soon as possible, however, in the event that a substitute is needed whilst we are repairing your drive, we have the capability to assist you with another temporary drive.

Data Recovery

CSSI proudly boasts the world's leading Data Recovery Lab right here in South Africa and regarded as a pioneer in Data Recovery and Computer Forensic Services. Read More


Electronic discovery or e-discovery refers to the discovery and identification of data on a data medium or storage device that could contain evidence regarding litigation... Read More

Forensic Recoveries

Forensic recoveries are very similar to eDiscovery and follow in most cases the same procedure as doing an eDiscovery, as explained below, however, more focus is used to analyse deleted blocks... Read More

Tape Drive Repair Servicing

Tape Drive, Autoladers and Libraries are equiped with many moving parts. Some Tape Drive backup devices have as many as 170 moving components! Read More

Tape Media Replication/Migration

Media technology constantly changes, in the year 2000, AIT, DAT, DLT and LTO were the major technologies and all were growing media capacity rapidly. Today, only two formidable technology platforms exist, LTO and DLT. Read More

Drive Sanitization/Data Destruction

Having all the technology at hand here in our labs at one of the most specialized Data Storage and recovery companies, also means we have the ability to guarantee complete data destruction or as is commonly known... Read More

Storage And Business Consulting

When it comes to storage, seek no further, CSSI has professional consultants who can assist you in protecting, testing, advising and planning your storage requirements for you and your organisation. Read More

Tape and Hard Drive Recertification

We service all makes and models of tape drives (from AIT to DLT to DAT to Travan) by a number of popular manufacturers Read More