28 June 2023

Midrand, 28 June 2023 – CSSI South Africa (CSSI), a leading provider of innovative IT solutions, Data Recovery and Data Backup Technology, is thrilled to announce its partnership with Nakivo, a global leader in backup and recovery software. As a result of this collaboration, CSSI has been appointed as the distributor of Nakivo products in the South African market.

CSSI is renowned for its commitment to delivering cutting-edge IT solutions that empower businesses to streamline their operations and enhance data management practices. With the Nakivo partnership, CSSI South Africa will expand its portfolio of offerings, providing customers in South Africa, and Africa with access to Nakivo’s state-of-the-art backup and recovery solutions.

Nakivo is a recognized leader in the data protection industry, offering a comprehensive range of backup and recovery solutions tailored to the needs of modern businesses. Their advanced features, such as near-instantaneous backup, deduplication, and granular recovery, enable organizations to safeguard their critical data, minimize downtime, and optimize their data protection strategies. Most important to the South African market is their technology offers ransomware protection, which is a debilitating event for many unsuspecting entities in South Africa.

There is a huge and growing demand for reliable and efficient data protection solutions, and with CSSI’ resellers and customers across various industries that can now benefit from state-of-the-art backup and recovery capabilities backed up into one of the most secure Data Centre Facilities in the world.

“We are excited about our partnership with Nakivo and being appointed as the distributor for their products in South Africa,” said James Grcic, CEO of CSSI South Africa at the function held last week in the Midrand Head Office, “not only is this an industry-leading backup and recovery solution, but at pricing which is as much as half the cost of what companies had to pay before, and with a feature rich offering that places Nakivo in the top quadrant in the Garner review, thus this will play a crucial role in helping businesses protect their valuable data assets effectively, cost effectively and with 24-hour support.”

The partnership between CSSI and Nakivo brings together two industry leaders committed to delivering excellence in data protection, with an extensive network of IT professionals and its strong reputation for customer satisfaction perfectly align with Nakivo’s mission to provide cutting-edge backup and recovery solutions.

To celebrate the launch of this partnership, CSSI and Nakivo will be offering exclusive promotions and discounts for customers in South Africa, one being that resellers will be given 10TB (10 Terrabytes of Free Cloud Backup Storage Space) and each customer will be given a 1TB Cloud Backup Storage Account, for a limited launch period, coupled with the software at a market discounted launch offer price for South African customers only.

For more information about CSSI South Africa and Nakivo’s backup and recovery solutions, please visit www.cssi.co.za/nakivo.

About CSSI South Africa:

CSSI South Africa is a leading provider of innovative IT solutions, data storage, data recovery and IT hardware solutions. With a team of highly skilled professionals and a commitment to customer satisfaction, CSSI South Africa supports businesses to enhance their IT infrastructure, protect their valuable data assets and be a leading competitor in the data storage sphere.

About Nakivo:

Nakivo is a global leader in backup and recovery software, offering robust solutions designed to protect businesses’ critical data. With a focus on simplicity, reliability, and performance, Nakivo’s products enable organizations to optimize their data protection strategies, minimize downtime, and ensure data integrity.