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Forensic recoveries are very similar to eDiscovery and follow in most cases the same procedure as doing an eDiscovery, as explained below, however, more focus is used to analyse deleted blocks and used sophisticated algorithms to re-puzzle deleted data, using corrective and checksum codes to reconstruct files, even from significantly overwritten or destroyed files with a high level or success and accreditation to prove such data existed, or was present on a storage media or device.

eDiscovery which is then performed after the forensic recovery have taken please refers to the further discovery and identification of data on a data medium or storage device that could contain evidence regarding litigation, or company identification of transactions on a computer which involved the exchange of information in electronic format, or what could be electronically stored information.

Our company has been involved in eDiscovery since inception and refers to the digital forensic analysis and recovery of data that exists on the device. CSSI has a proven track record dealing with many corporates, agencies and is a specialist in concluding such cases.

Should our services be required, or you have any further information, please contact or fill in the below form. All information supplied and discussed to company policy is retained as strictly confidential and treated as such under non-disclosure agreements for your privacy and confidence