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Tape Drive and Media

A tape drive is a data storage device that reads and writes data onto a magnetic tape.
Magnetic tape data storage is typically used for offline, archival data storage.
Tape media generally has a favourable unit cost and a long archival stability.

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Tape Drives

A tape drive provides sequential access storage, unlike a hard disk drive, which provides random access storage. A tape drive must physically wind tape between reels to read any one particular piece of data. As a result, tape drives have very slow average seek times to data. However, tape drives can stream data very quickly off the tape when it hits the right position.

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Tape Media

Our cartridges are manufactured to the highest industry standards for quality and reliability, ensuring low error rates, high performance and long-term durability. Tape media allows you to archive your data with confidence. Our Tape Media family offers you more choices to better manage your data over time. Our product line ranges from 200GB* to 15TB* capacity per cartridge.

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Why choose us? We have over 200 different products relating to Tape Drives and Media.


Our testing comprises over 2.5 million hours of scrutiny, covering every aspect of usage on both HP and non-HP tape devices.


Get support and assistance from our highly skilled team with all of your Tape Drives and Media questions and requirements.


Get maximum peace of mind and maximum value for money with extremely competitive prices, especially for large quantities of tape.

High Preformance

From LTO -4 onwards, a high-durability non-contact IC memory chip up to 16KB is built-in and contributes to significant improvement in tape library access

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