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CSSI is the distributor of Toshiba hard drives in South Africa and for Sub-Saharan Africa. Today, CSSI is the largest distributor of drives and suppliers resellers in most African countries. You have to be a registered reseller, and the good news is, the process is simple, just fill in the reseller form, submit, and within 24 hours you can be approved if you have a registered business and an IT company.

CSSI supplies drives from 80GB to 10TB in interfaces that are IDE (PATA), SCSI, SATA and SAS. CSSI also supplied the host of external drives available in market from 250GB to 10TB. CSSI also offers extended warranty options on all HDD of up to 5 years and end of life support.

Our channel partner storage program is geared to provide the local market with full support and value offering across the major city centres and throughout Africa.

The company’s world-wide network of branches and supplier network may assist in sourcing any EOL and speciality drives on request through its alliances in Brazil, UK, USA, Philippines, India, Taiwan and Netherlands.

Explaining Solid State Disks

The company specialises in distribution and certification of the following vendors:

  • Toshiba Drives (SSD & HDD)
  • WD Drives (SSD & HDD)
  • Samsung Drives (SSD & HDD)
  • Seagate Hard Drives
  • Fujitsu Hard Drives
  • HP Drives
  • Dell Drives
  • Hitachi Drives

To become a reseller

To become a reseller / distributor on our hard drive program, get the latest news and to receive volume discounts on hard drives email: info@cssi.co.za. Any other queries email: hd@cssi.co.za.

Solid State Drives


1TB Samsung EVO SSD 2.5" | CSSI | Best Online Computer Hardware & Storage



Tape Drives




Tape Media

Fujitsu | LTO-1 (100/200GB) Fujitsu Media Cartridge | CSSI | Best Online Computer Hardware & Storage


Turtle 5 slot capacity for LTO


Quantum | Quantum SuperDLT/SDLT Cleaning Cartridge Tape for SDLT-1 or 2 & DLT-S4 | CSSI | Best Online Computer Hardware & Storage

DAT, SDLT, AIT and other media types

Quantum | Quantum Travan Cleaning Tape | CSSI | Best Online Computer Hardware & Storage

Cleaning Tape(s)

Other Storage Media Types

Infortrend - 5Bay NAS Storage 2 xGBE Intel Atom D2701 Duo-Core 2GB - NAS - Black Friday

NAS (Network Attached Storage)


DAS (Direct Attached Storage)

Network and Storage Connectivity


SAN (Storage Area Network)

Infortrend, PetaStor, CipherSAN