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“It is with great pleasure that I type out this email in praise of the excellent service levels you have extended to me. The experience with CSSI for the data recovery was quite horrible, however, I fully understand that this was through individuals that did not care about the company’s reputation or their livelihood. In spite of this, thank you once again for bringing back my confidence in dealing with your company.” – Sealtron

“I’m left stunned … wondering how you guys at CSSI recovered my data within 24 hours, thinking to myself how other companies in your trade are still in business?!

 I can honestly say out of experience that YOU ARE THE BEST THERE IS!!!!

I handed in my hard drive for recovery at Intratec on the 1st of March 2014 and finally decided after more than 7 months that enough is enough.  Intratec said they cannot recover anything from the drive and if I’m still adamant to try and recover the data that I should rather go to someone else.  The only feedback I received was when I phoned them to find out what the progress on recovery was, other than that I did not hear from them. So you can imagine with very little to no communication how frustrating it can be to wait for important data to be recovered. 

I phoned you, Sue, on Thursday (16 Oct ‘14) very upset with Intratec and also upset with myself for choosing them and I explained my sad story to you. I was terrified that you will tell me the same thing … or worse that you’re not even willing to look at the drive at all.  But I found the friendliest most helpful person on the other side of the line.  You immediately made me feel at ease and explained to me that there still is a big possibility that you might be able to recover data after all.  You also were honest with me and explained that I must still just realize that there is also a chance that you might not recover anything at all, since we don’t know what happened to the drive the last 7 month.  I drove through to you guys on Friday to get the drive from Intratec and I went straight to you to hand in the drive.  Looking at your offices my first thoughts were … “wow much better”.  Then I walked in and found you at the front desk … just as friendly and helpful in person as on the phone.  After you quickly booked the drive in … just to mention it took the same amount of time for you to book the drive in as it took me to collect my drive from Intratec … shocking cause you also had to get all my details from me? … you marked the drives and cables and you sealed it … here I thought “how professional?! Wow” compared to my drive just lying around in a cupboard at Intratec, hence why they could not find it I guess.

You told me you’ll have a quote ready for me on Monday, which you did have ready 08:45 Monday morning (20 Oct ’14) and you phoned me to tell me what needs to be done for the recovery to continue.  I sent the Proof of Payment and Quote Acceptance to you just after 12:00 on Monday (20 Oct ’14).  And then 24 hours later, you let me know that the recovery has been completed and is ready for verification and collection.

We drove through to verify and found that the important data we were looking for has indeed been recovered.  This is absolutely incredible.  I understand Gerhardus was the engineer that worked on the drive and he truly is absolute great at what he does, he’s the best there is.  Please tell him that we appreciate his efforts to try and assist us so quickly and we thank him from the bottom of our hearts. Words cannot express how thankful we are to both you and Gerhardus.


I’ve been telling everyone about CSSI and their more than competent staff and will be spreading word till the end of days.

Best Regards from your Biggest Fan” – Private Client

“Brent and his team at CSSI made light work of recovering data from corrupted drives that we were told was lost and would never be recovered. We sent the drives to several companies, some overseas and nobody could do anything. But CSSI recovered everything in less than 2 days” – Auction Alliance – Jonathan Kantey

“I would highly recommend CSSI for all your Hard Drive and Data Recovery requirements.
We only use them and have great service and quality at very very competitive prices.” – Ooba Trading